About Us

EWB's UTA chapter was founded in early 2019 with the goal of helping people in other communities achieve a higher standard of living through volunteer work and engineering design practices. In early 2020, we became established as an official student chapter of EWB-USA. To start off we have done small educational projects, such as making water filters using soil, and volunteer activities, including the TRWD Trash Bash, constructing a community garden, and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity! We applied and have been accepted to an international project working with a community in Bolivia on a water project! We are very excited for the opportunity and can't wait to get started!


Engineers Without Borders USA is a nonprofit organization working to build a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic needs, both in the USA and abroad. EWB-USA focuses mainly on international projects, where we design a structure or system that a community needs, but doesn’t have the funds or education to build and maintain themselves. EWB-USA is able to help the community build something such as a school or a well, and then teach that community how to maintain their new infrastructure, so that it can last as long as possible and make a tangible impact on the community. This is done by partnering with the community, educating them, involving them in the process, and building lasting relationships. EWB-USA also does volunteer work in local communities, as well as engineering projects in the United States.

Build. Give. Design. Volunteer.

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